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Sagehill Arabians


.Welcome to Sagehill Arabians! We moved to Tendoy, Idaho in 2001, after nearly 20 years in central Oregon. We continue to expand our program of breeding CMK Arabians with an emphasis on athletic riding horses with beauty and brains. We continue to use endurance competition as our primary proving ground, but are also branching out into dressage and other areas. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website to familiarize yourself with our program and our horses.
Our breeding program began in Idaho and has been in existence for over thirty years. We are proud to present our collection of beautiful, athletic CMK Arabians. We have put special emphasis these past few years on older mares that have been outstanding producers; consequently, we now have several young horses with very old breeding. We feel that they represent many of the old standards of Arabian type and function.

Because we feel that Arabians should be hardy and useful, as well as beautiful, we have carefully studied the bloodlines that have been successful at endurance riding. In truth, it was endurance that led us to the CMK Arabians, not the other way around. We work hard to select for biomechanical and physiological function, conformation, dispostion, pedigree, and type; we find that these goals usually go hand-in-hand.

Coming from a ranching background, we also prize versatility. Over the years our horses have chased cows, roped, packed, camped, cleared trail, stretched fence, pulled skiers, shown, gamed, etc., as well as provided us with many hours of pleasure riding. Several of our broodmares have functioned happily as pack horses, carrying chain saws and various materials to remote trail sections. Our stallions are content to pony the pack mares, and sometimes have had to be pack horses themselves. We frequently use hand saws (and sometimes even chain saws) while mounted on our stallions to clear trail obstructions that are difficult to reach. We feel strongly that this unflappable nature is just as essential to a good endurance horse as is conformation, motion, or cardiac capability. We feel that these various endeavors help us to continue to demonstrate the versatility and the working capability of our CMK horses, as well as providing them an environment in which they can develop their genetic potential to the fullest.

Heidi Smith, DVM
P.O. Box 103
Tendoy, IDAHO 83468-0103
Phone: 208-756-6060