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What is CMK?


CMK stands for Crabbet-Maynesboro-Kellogg. It is a synthetic entity defined after the fact, very much like "Al Khamsa" or "straight Egyptian," rather than the product of any single breeding program (as "Crabbet" or "Al-Marah" would be).
CMK is a preservationist movement directed toward breeding the traditional North American using and companion Arabians. It is based on Blunt and Davenport sources, but not entirely limited to them. It emphasizes the two great "cooperator breeder circles" of the 1950's, which were the Jimmie Dean circle in the Midwest and the H. H. Reese or "Old California" circle, which includes the Kellogg horses. There was a great deal of crossover between these groups as well. Horses such as *Raffles are representative of the first group, and horses such as Abu Farwa are representative of the second group.
The bloodline requirements for CMK are not as restrictive as are those of other preservationist groups. By definition, "A CMK Arabian traces in at least 75% of its pedigree to traditional Blunt/Davenport breeding of the 1950's: any or all of the horses of the Reese (Old California) and Dean (Midwest) coordinator circles; other Maynesboro, Crabbet/Old English horses; and unique North American desert lines. It traces to a CMK sire line and a dam line established in North America by 1950."
As well as the combined source horses defined by the above definition, CMK provides a rallying point for the recognition and preservation of specialty groups within CMK, such as Jockey Club, Davenport, Crabbet/Old English, and straight Crabbet.
The point of CMK, as of any other healthy preservationist movement, is the kind of horses produced. We are preserving genes, not names in pedigrees.
"CMK" is a registered US trademark. However, rather than forbidding others to use it, we encourage its use where applicable so long as it's consistent with our pedigree definition.
For more information about CMK horses, history, and breeders, please visit the CMK Arabian Heritage site.
(The above is adapted from Michael Bowling.)
Photos of Aurab (top) and Abu Farwa (bottom) as aged stallions.

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