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By the River of No Return: Meditations from the High Country
by Don Ian Smith
In the rugged mountains that surround his ranch in the wild Salmon River country of Idaho, Don Ian Smith has found an approach to life unsullied by the pressures of civilization that so often push one's thinking out of focus. Here, he says, it is easy to know that God alone is great--that the God who put the mountains on their foundations and the rivers in their beds is also one who feeds his flock like a shepherd and carries the young lamb in his arms.
ISBN: 0932773060

Wild Rivers and Mountain Trails: Meditations from the High Country
by Don Ian Smith
Wild rivers, rugged mountain trails, tall forests--these are the natural habitat of Don Ian Smith. Through the years he has found joy and inspiration in the wilderness settings of the mountain trails, and his Christian faith has been strengthened and renewed. Through his closeness with nature he has received a deeper understanding of God as Creator and of the necessity for man to be an appreciative tenant of the earth.
ISBN: 0932773079

Sagebrush Seed: Meditations from the High Country
by Don Ian Smith
Sagebrush is not a spectacular plant, like a great redwood tree or a flowering dogwood. But it is a wonderful part of creation--it is living evidence that God never gives up. The thirsty deer and the flowing stream, the strutting meadowlark, the tenaciously alert sheep dogs, the perilously poisonous cow parsnips and water hemlock, and the tiny dry sagebrush seed--all are filled with great parables for our times.
ISBN: 0932773087


The Open Gate: Meditations from the High Country
by Don Ian Smith
"I was pastor for many years in an area where rancher members of my church lived on mountain roads in open-range country. I remember one rather isolated ranch, several miles up a creek, where there were eight gates on the road. I well remember my sense of pleasure one day when driving along behind the man who lived there; he opened all the gates for me. And when we arrived at the ranch house the owner's son came out and opened wide the gate for us. What a symbol of our Christian hope: Gates--often heavy gates with which we struggle--are opened wide for us by One who welcomes us to share His hospitality."
ISBN: 0932773095

Symon's Daughter: A Memoir of Elizabeth Symon Smith
by Don Ian Smith
A Scottish orphan gets her teaching credential and sails to America in 1905, settling in Utah and southern Idaho. There she survives the hardships and poverty of the Great Depression, raising six children, all to be leaders in their fields -- a story that will inspire parents today. Edited by Naida West.
ISBN: 0965348784; pub Oct. 2001 by Bridge House Books.
"A wonderful book about a special lady..."

Ranchland Poems
by Don Ian Smith
"I grew up on a farm in Idaho working with horses and raising livestock. For many of the years that I've been a Methodist minister I've continued to have some involvement with livestock. When I was pastor of the Methodist church in Salmon, Idaho, my wife Betty and our children lived on and operated a small cattle ranch. These poems are thoughts that have come to me as I've worked with my animals, cared for my land, and reflected on my work as a pastor, who almost daily deals with the joys and sorrows, the wonders and mysteries of life."
ISBN: 0932773036

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