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Ranchland Poems
by Don Ian Smith
ISBN: 0932773036
26 pages
"I grew up on a farm in Idaho working with horses and raising livestock. For many of the years that I've been a Methodist minister I've continued to have some involvement with livestock. When I was pastor of the Methodist church in Salmon, Idaho, my wife Betty and our children lived on and operated a small cattle ranch. These poems are thoughts that have come to me as I've worked with my animals, cared for my land, and reflected on my work as a pastor, who almost daily deals with the joys and sorrows, the wonders and mysteries of life."
This short book of poetry will bring laughter, tears, and an appreciation for the closeness to God that comes from working with the land.

Ranchland Poems
Ranch Christmas
Old Horse
Through a Glass, Darkly
Yellow Bells
Stillborn Calf
A Soldier's Prayer
"Charlie Russell"
Wild Bunny
Cowboy's Twenty-Third Psalm
Silly Filly
Phantom Calf
To a Pack Rat in the Tack Room
.....And I Am His
Old Cowboys
Little Tiger Cat

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