An – Ionizer Machine

Your Personal AN-IONIZER


How and why it works:
The free radicals, a byproduct of the cell metabolism, have a positive electrical charge, missing electrons, which they will scavenge from anywhere around them, damaging cell membranes, thereby being detrimental to health and healing (and the imune system). Free radicals play a major role in inflamation. This IONIZER will generate negative IONS (ANIONS), that is OXYGENmolecules with an extra electron. These electrons will, due to the body beeing referenced to the unit (handle), transfer through the acupoints (having the lowest skin resistance) into the cells, where they will then neutralize free radicals. The extra OXYGEN molecule carriers will also have an effect in the tissue, fighting anaerobic disease causing bacterias, viras and fungus. (Cancer).

Unpack and check the parts in the bag.
1.The unit itself, a plastic box with stainless steel handle.
2.2 Spacers ( PVC with 2 wooden pegs, to click on each side of unit ).
3.A stainless steel extender with a 1/4" cap screw, for use with a standard camera tripod.
4.A wristband for body grounding, with wire and banana plug.
5.An elastic band with velcro.
6.A grounded wall transformer (wall cube ) 12V DC, >500mA, for charging the internal batteries.
7.A charging wire with 12V cigarette lighter plug for use in a car.
8.A 1/4" -20 capscrew 1 1/2" long for attaching the unit to a 7/8" broom handle. ( Fitted in side of handle. )
Optional: A extention pen emitter. A kit for making 3 extender ion emitting dual electrodes, for fitting to a hot air blower.

Technical Information:
Switches in the battery compartment:
Quick Charge: Normal charge 220mA, shorting will increase to 400mA.
Use this option only if the unit is not turned on while charging.
Charge enable: MUST be removed if non rechargeable batteries are used.
No Ozone: Is shorted to diable 30kV high power mode, for use in Countries where use of Ozone producing equipment is prohibited.
Low Power mode is <16kV, power consumption is 80mA.
High Power mode is >30kV unloaded, consumption is 400mA.

First batteries must be connected and charged. The batteries are turned off for shipment security by a switch located by the Charge plug and indicated by the power on RED light beeing off. Hold the unit by the handle, attach the wall cube for charging, if the unit turns on you must turn it off by pressing the ON switch on the end opposite the Batteries ON Sw. Turn on the batteries by pushing the battery on switch, the GREEN light comes ON meaning: Charge. A voltage >13V is needed for full charge, so charging from a carbattery needs the engine running.
Input voltage must not exceed 20V. Center pin is positive.
The wall cube will supply 15v at 120vac in, if the unit is not turned on while charging.
If a not grounded wall cube is used, the unit must be grounded if run while connected to the wall cube, to avoid damaging static discharges in the cube. Plug a bannana grounding wire in the handle.
Full charge is reached when the GREEN light goes off, in typically less than the 4 hrs. time out period and trickle charge is resumed.
Batteries have capacity for more than 1 hour use and are considered fully discharged when the front LED turns off. (Does not come on.)
High capacity Ni/MH batteries may need more than 4 hrs. The charge may be reinitiated, or they may be charged any time (every night).

Never turn on the unit unless the bodies being beamed on or near it are connected to it and grounded. If contact is lost, turn off before reestablishing contact, or a static charge will build up, the discharge of which might scare the horse. Make sure there is no not connected metalic object within the beam (chair or hairpin)
Do not get closer to the electrodes than 1 inch.
Keep the gonnecting wire away from the beam area to avoid loading.
GET FAMILIAR with the unit, try watching in the dark how you can
draw a corona from the needles to your finger, unless the corona goes to a sensitive area you will not feel it.
In order to work properly the unit must produce a corona at each needlepoint, visible in the dark as a tiny blue light. If a needle is not
producing try cleaning! Or the point may be blank and the needle needs changed. NEVER TRY TO RUN WITHOUT NEEDLES ! (No Guarantee)
REMOVE BATTERIES and POWER before changing needles !!!

Optional Use: With the use of the optional extension electrode kit.
Bigger distance and area coverage are obtained when used in conjunction with a heat fan. We recommend you choose a heater with ceramic PTC elements and a low power 500W setting, as 1000W can be too hot.
Assemble the three dual electrodes by inserting the needed length of wire in the acrylic block and pressing the two needles through the wire. Tie or tape the three dual electrodes with the points distributed in the airstream. Connect the wires to the unit by pushing them fully home over the needles; keep clear of the connections when power is on. The ions generated at the needle points ( a blue light is visible in darkness) will be blown further out in space and the heat will give relaxation and keep the blood closer to the surface. Note that any conductive / metallic objects near the electrodes will be charged with static electricity if not grounded ( so don't touch ) , and you do not want any grounded object closer than 6-10" as it will decrease efficiency. (Absorbing the IONS.) Try fitting the heater on top of the IONIZER with a rubber tie-down, for use on a standard camera tripod.

Ensure unit is absolutely dry. DO NOT EXPOSE TO WATER.
NEVER run or charge unit in extreme heat. ( Direct sunshine ).
KEEP ELECTRODES CLEAN, do not mutilate or drop in horse manure.
Keep batteries fully charged, ( To maintain capacity ) if using Ni/Cd do not charge until discharged, that is when one front LED does not turn on.
You will experience a little higher output when using with extern power and batteries off or while trickle charging (Full charged, green light off).
Exchangable needles: Length must be cut to 27.6-28mm, SS size 20.
DO NOT turn on without needles, it will destroy the unit. Guarantee void.
Change of batteries: Remove handle (4x 3MGx10 screws ).
6 std. AA cells, Ni/MH or Ni/Cd. To fully charge the input voltage need be over 13V. If using non rechargeble DO remove Ch. enable code plug. (Leave connected on Quick Ch. or on one pin only).
Return the used batteries where you buy the new set, DO NOT DISPOSE in household garbage.
If unit is run without batteries (on charger or car battery), input voltage must not exceed 16V when ON and 20V when OFF, to limit internal power dissipation. DO NOT FORGET GROUNDING !

To avoid unpleasant, but not harmful (maybe to electronic equipment), static electricity discharges, remember ALWAYS and ONLY to beam the ray at referenced bodies. ALWAYS connect bodies using the device, before turning it on. The Stainless Steel handle or the banana plug receptacles are the reference or grounding point. If you are using the unit indoors, you might prefer the unit grounded, the wall cube delivered will do if your wall outlet is grounded! . The trade off for a portable battery unit is losing ground contact through the wall plug.
If you hold the unit by the SS handle, your body is referenced,
and a second body can then be referenced by using the wristband.
Touching will also give contact. Use a bit of conductive jelly (or saliva) to obtain good conductivity, on a horse the bare skin under the tail is a good place to connect, using the elastic wrap supplied to hold the steel plate of the wristband in touch with the skin. On the horse leg, you can touch the chestnut, but don't let go while the unit is on! With a horse standing on the ground you can also use a grounding spear.
Do not forget: Your shoes with rubber soles will insulate you from the ground!
NEVER beam on any electronic unit like wathes, computers and radios.
Turn on:
Ensure the unit is aimed at a referenced body (connected to the handle).
First establish power to the unit (RED Power ON light) either from connecting via the charge plug (batteries may be off) or switching on the batteries by the sw. next to the charge plug.
Turn the unit on by the ON button on the opposite end, causing the BLUE lights on the front to turn on. Note: One of the blue lights will turn off to indicate low batteries. Set the LOW POWER Sw. to high. The warning tone emitted starts on a lower note for half a second, this is the build in timer and is repeated evry 2½ to 3 minutes of use. Treat to first note for min. time, to 2nd forstd. time and 3rd to 8th for extended time. Pressing the button again will turn off the unit and lights, decharging power will take some time. You can help it by shorting one output to the handle with one of the extension wires or your fingers. (Avoids statics)
The LOW POWER setting is intended for overnight room use with no ozone produced ( less sound ). For air cleaning and asthma patients.

Working distance is 1" to 25", with optimum being 2" to 3". You will feel the ions on the skin like a breeze. ( Corona wind )
A 7/8 - 1" broom handle will fit through the handle in different angels and a 1” capscrew will fix the units position. This facilitates treatment of horse legs. With or without the extender the unit will fit on a camera tripod.
The broom handle could also hang horizontally from the ceiling, but here we suggest using a length of shelf standard ( U-shaped max. 16mm wide) Hang it in hooks to facilitate removal. Use a couple of strings, attached to a length of chain, to facilitate adjusting the height.

Initially try 5 minute (two timer periods) on each treatment point and allow rest time after use.
Increase time with distance. 3X distance needs 9X time.
The deeper in the body the more time is needed as the anions will be diverted in the vascular system (they are needed in the cells).
For acute injuries, use directly on the area, you may notice immediate relief or within hours.
The highest efficiency is obtained if you can start treatment on acute injuries as early as possible, ( within 12 hours and repeat every 2 hrs.)
to diminish swelling and inflammation and to prevent them turn chronic.
Chronic injuries take much more treatment. Bone alterations and scar tissue cannot be removed. (Must be a natural healing process to enhance)
Increase to two or three times a day on severe cases. Consider the 5 minutes a guideline.
DO NOT FORGET that healing still takes time and rest, even if pain and swelling are relieved!

Make sure there is free access to water to get the body ready for cleansing, and do not use in conjunction with medicine.
Do make a diary of your findings, to make it work the best for your pet.

We have seen effects on: Edemas, scrapes, burns, arthritic joints, tennis elbows, muscle infiltration's, tendonitis, sprains, rash, asthma, sore throat influensa beestings and many other ailments.
We have seen healing 4 times faster than expected.
Reducing the free radicals infecting the body will also enhance the immune system and give more energy.

Addendum to Your Personal AN-IONIZER user MANUAL In COUNTRIES where use on HUMANS is allowed.

DO NOT FORGET that healing takes time and rest, even if pain and swelling are relieved !

Try a general treatment on the sole of the feet to pep up and decrease the need for sleep. Asthma is known to be relieved by inhaling negative ions, this should be done in low power mode, unless ozone is needed.

For chronic pain we suggest you start the day by drinking plenty of water (4-6 pts. dayly) to get the body ready for cleansing, then a treatment session of a general exposure followed by a 5-10 minutes (2-4 timer periods) spot exposure to each area from which you belive the pain originates. End with at least 15 minutes rest. Repeat the session at bedtime and do not use in conjunction with medicine. If you treat only one time a day, before bedtime is best.
If you feel worse after the initial, cut down on the duration time and slowly increase treatment times over 2-3 weeks.
Do make a diary of your findings, to make it work the best for you.
The OXYGEN molecules beamed into the tissue will have an effect on all anaerobic diseases like Herpes (Virus), Candida (Fungus), Strptococcus, Stafylococcus, e-coli (bacteria) and Cancer.
Warning: Avoid inhaling the little OZONE generated when set on high power. It is a strong oxidant and can damage the lung tissue. (>6.6mg/daily of the anti-oxidant Beta-carotene will protect)

We have seen positive effects on: Edema, scrapes, BURNS, arthritic joints, tennis albows, muscle infiltrations, tendonitis, sprains, rash asthma, sore throat, shingles, bursitis, heamorrohids, beestings, influenza and many other ailments.
We have seen healing more than 4 times faster than expected.
Reducing the free radicals (aging agent) will also enhance the immune system, gve more energy and less need for sleep.


Acute arthritic knee pain from overworking was treated 5 minutes bfore bedtime on one knee only to prove the effect. No pain the next morning in the treated knee while the other still hurt the same, One more day to go.

Swelling and bruises after being stepped on by a horse, minimized after first day’s treatment, followed by two days treatment to clear it.

Six treatments to clear pain in legs from bad circulation.

Tennis elbows restored in two weeks.

Toothache subsided after two treatments two hours appart.

Pain (Bursitis) in shoulder cleared after one week, has not returned after one year with same work.

Examples on horses:
A sprained tendon got ultrasounded weekly, the 4th time after 3 weeks the damage was not visible and after 3 more weeks the horse resumed light work. This normally takes 6 months.
Do keep up the treatment in the entire recovery period!

Sore forelegs after a long hard ride, one was treated and next morning the untreated was very swollen while the treated one was not.

A walnut sized edema under the saddle (Saddlesore) was treated once 5 minutes in the evening and was totally gone the next morning.

Mild cases of tense muscles relieved with one 2 minutes treatment.

Acute back muscle pain relieved overnight with intense treatments ( 3 times with 2 hr. interval.

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Our guarantee:
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